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Hijacking the American People

By David Chandler



[I wrote several versions of this analysis of the "War on Terrorism." This is a shortened version submitted to The Friends Bulletin. It is not a complete analysis, by any means, but it can be a starting point for further digging. The empire builders are hard at work while the general public is lulled to sleep by the nightly news: the true opiate of the people in our day.]

The war in Central Asia has been labeled the "War on Terrorism," but the label doesn't make sense. You can't bomb terrorism. You can't even bomb terrorists without targeting the civilian population. We have even been warned by the administration to expect increased incidents of terrorism here at home. It doesn't take a pacifist to see that we aren't going to eliminate terrorism through war any more than we are going to eliminate evil through war.

If an explanation doesn't make sense it makes sense to question the explanation. Is this war really about terrorism or is terrorism simply a convenient cover for the real objectives?

Go to any internet search engine and type in the key words Afghanistan and oil. On Google.com this brings up over 100,000 articles. A little reading and you will learn that north of Afghanistan near the Caspian Sea is what is believed to be the largest remaining oil field on earth, but the region is land locked. Pipelines are needed. One of the preferred routes is through Afghanistan. The profits from such a pipeline would be in the trillions of dollars. Unocal started such a pipeline a few years ago, but stopped the project due to political instability.

Are we opposed to the Taliban because of its treatment of women, or because of its treatment of Unocal? The Taliban's human rights record has long been known, but we supported them as long as they were useful to us. We have supported many brutal dictators who have been far worse. The Northern Alliance may itself be far worse. The Taliban has not changed: our objectives have changed, so we parade the Taliban's human rights record as justification for its overthrow.

The slogan that is echoed everywhere today is "United We Stand." Would Americans knowingly "stand united" to back a blatant war of conquest? I hope not. If the purported war on terrorism is really a war for Central Asian oil the spirit of the American people is being hijacked. If we are to "stand united" it should be to reaffirm our core values, to stand against the erosion of civil rights in this country and human rights around the world.